Our primary focus is on capturing Nature the way it was intended to be viewed. While other genres may appear here as well, never forget that Nature, and all it's beauty, is our thing!

Johnson Family Farm, Historic Kirtland, Ohio

N.K. Whitney Store, Historic Kirtland Ohio

Historic Kirtland Ohio, Morley Farm

Historic Kirtland Visitor's Center, Kirtland, Ohio

Summer Pond

Yellow Butterfly

Blue Flowers

Woodland Trail

Winter Pond

Winter Creek

Waterfall CVNP

Pond Lilly

Turkey Fungi

Sun's Rays

Rosary In Hand

Pond Sunset

Pond Reflections

Pink Orchid

Panther Chameleon

Owl Close-up

Historic Kirtland Temple In Spring

Foggy Sunrise


B&W Pony Silhouette

Butterfly And Purple Flowers

Twilight Beach Sunset

Summer Beach Sunset

Beach Fog

Amish Countryside

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